Computer Science Summer Programs Overview

Computer Science is an exciting and fast-growing field of study! The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that over 500,000 new jobs will be created over the next 10 years in areas related to computer science and lead to high paying jobs for students considering this field. Additionally, top universities across the country, such as Georgia Tech, offer undergraduate degrees and certificate-based programs to give students a variety of options to choose from when they graduate high school. However, you do not have to wait until you graduate high school to start honing your computer science skills and see if it is the right fit for you! Here at CEISMC, we have developed a wide variety of summer programs to put you in the driver seat of your future career opportunities. Even if you are not thinking about your future career right now, computer science is a fun opportunity to learn everything from how to make your own weather station, to building your own apps and games, and even just adding interactivity to your next school project. It truly is for everyone!

Certificate Overviewcs instructor

During our summer computer science programs, participants will be exposed to the following areas:

  • block and text-based coding
  • robotics
  • app development
  • game development

To encourage more students to explore computer science, and to recognize their hard work, the Center for Education Integrating Science Mathmatics and Computing (CEISMC) has created a certificate to recognize any student who attends two or more qualifying programs within the same summer. These programs are offered virtually, on-campus in Atlanta, and on-campus in Savannah. Review the list of available programs below and get registered today!


  • student must attend a minimum of two programs listed below
  • attendance only counts for summer 2021 and cannot be combined with past program participation 
  • student must attend the whole program and complete all projects/activities
  • must be a rising 6th - 12th grader as of summer 2021

Summer Programs List (alphabetical) 

Location Program Name Program Grade Level Program Dates
Virtual Artbotics Rising 6th - 8th July 12th - 16th
Atlanta Coded Beats Rising 6th - 12th June 21st - 25th (6th - 8th) / June 28th - July 2nd (9th - 12th)
Virtual Code, Craft, and Storytelling Rising 6th - 8th June 14th - 18th
Virtual Data Science Rising 9th - 12th July 12th - 16th
Virtual Full STEAM Ahead Rising 6th - 8th June 21st - 25th 
Virtual/Atlanta Intro to App and Game Rising 9th - 12th June 14th - 18th / July 12th - 16th
Savannah IoT and YoU Rising 6th - 12th July 6th - 12th
Atlanta Lego Robotics Rising 6th - 8th June 7th - 11th and July 12th - 16th
Atlanta / Savannah Maker Camp Rising 6th - 8th June 28th - July 2nd / July 19th - 23rd 

Please use the menu at the top for more information about all of our upcoming summer programs and registration links.