K.I.D.S. Club FAQ's

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Please read the following FAQ's before registering.


Q. How much does it cost to attend?

Program registration fees are $20 unless otherwise noted.  Additional supplies and materials may also be required that are not included in the registration fee.


Q. What is the waitlist?

Our registration system will automatically generate a waitlist when a program is full. If there is availability within the program, the registration system automatically sends an email to the participant at the top of the waitlist.


Q. Where do K.I.D.S. Club and STEAM Workshop programs meet?

All programs will meet virtually through online video conferencing and other collaboration tools for Fall and Winter 2020. Specific details on how to access these services will be included in the parent packet.  


Q. Does my student need to have anything with them while attending a program?

A list of all materials and supplies needed for success with all projects and activities is included within the registration website and will be included in the parent packet. All workshops require a compute/laptop along with internet connection.


Q. How are students grouped?

Students are grouped by grade bands.


Q. Who are the program instructors?

Programs are taught by a mixture of Georgia Tech faculty/staff, Georgia Tech students, STEAM teachers, and STEAM professionals.


Q. Can a student with disabilities attend K.I.D.S. Club and STEAM Workshop?

Students with disabilities are welcome in our programs. Please let us know how to best support your student to be successful in the programs either via email, online program registration form or schedule a meeting with a member of our staff. Your privacy is important to us and student information will only be shared with staff working with your student.


Q. Do I need a teacher recommendation?

Teacher recommendations are not required to attend CEISMC programs.


Q. What if my student has other special circumstances or needs?

Please let us know how we can help using the registration form.


Q. What if I need to cancel/request a refund?

Full refunds minus a 5% processing fee will be given if someone on the waitlist is available to take your spot. No refunds are available unless we are able to fill the spot. Exceptions are provided for family emergencies or serious health issues with documentation. 


Q. Could my program be canceled?

While unlikely, CEISMC reserves the right to cancel a program at any time for any reason. If this should happen, a full refund would be issued. CEISMC also reserves the right to remove students during the program week for violating the Code of Conduct described during registration as well as in the program guide emailed to parents after registration.  


Q. How do I register for K.I.D.S. Club and STEAM Workshop?

  • Registrations for KIDS Club and STEAM Whistle Workshops are first come - first serve based. Enrollment is not guaranteed until full payment has been received. A spot in the workshop is not reserved until the fee has been paid. 
  • Navigate to our registration site. If you do not already have an account, you will need to create one. Once your account is created, select the "Start a New Registration" option from the homepage. Follow the steps to register your child and input their information into the system.


Q. What if I want to have my child to attend more than one program?

Once you have begun the registration/enrollment process, you will be prompted to select a week or weeks on the "Registration Details" tab. Each program selected will create a new tab with a list of available programs. The price, time, and description of each program will be listed. Select the weeks you want, select the program within each week. All selections will be added to the column on the far right.


Q. What if I want to have more than one child register for programs?

Once you have an account, select the "Start a New Registration" option. Select, "My child or dependent." You will then have the option to add a new child or dependent.


Q. How will I receive updates about programs?

We send updates, application status, payment deadlines, and important program information via email. EMAIL IS OUR PRIMARY MEANS OF COMMUNICATION. It is of the utmost importance that the parent email address you provide us on your registration is spelled correctly and checked often.


Q. Are online workshops recorded?

Please be aware that by entering our online workshops you agree to be recorded. Your image maybe used for any purpose by CEISMC as outlined in the photo wavier in registration. Please know that you release CEISMC and its partners from any liability resulting from such usage. If you DO NOT wish to be subject to being recorded, please disable video for online workshops. *Unfortunately, we are unable to share recorded workshops due to youth privacy policy.


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